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We're Just a Good Old Fashion Modern Gun Store. Group Therapy Gun Works have been serving Springdale and the NWA for over 30 years. Started by Jim Snow in 1989 as RA Sporting Goods, we have continued a rich history of offering honest prices and friendly costumer service. We still offer the same "buy, sell, trade" traditions that our community is use to, while also providing transfer assistance to a local store for those out of State items. We offer a 90 day Layaway program and accept most major credit cards. We've expanded these traditions of our brick and mortar store to our ecommerce store. Group Therapy Gun Works on-line is an extension of our community reach offering a catalog of firearms and assorted equipment for your purchasing pleasure. Please visit our "How it works" page for more details and restriction. Please come in and feel free to ask questions about the firearms we have on hand. One of our Staff Members will be more then happy to help you. Don't see what you want? Ask one of our staff members about ordering that special item you're looking for, or view our on-line catalog via our in-store kiosk. All sales are final, but many Manufactures offer lifetime Warranties which we can assist you with. Swing in, Grab a Coke or some coffee, have a snack, and enjoy the homey atmosphere of a real local Gun Store.

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